Burn Soother

This product is effective on all degrees of burn. It seals off the air from burnt and exposed nerve endings while sterilising the burn site against infections thereby promoting a healthy repair and healing process. It rapidly relieves the burning sensation like a local anaesthetic. A must have product for every household. For serious burns apply twice daily for the first three days.


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This product works well in reducing pain, so in most cases only needs to be applied once. If reapplied daily for the first 5 days after incurring a burn, it will mitigate both blistering and scarring. View Medical Testimonials

Therapeutic Ingredients

Acetulan, Fractionated Coconut - Aloe, Coconut Oil, Cetoil C5, Coconut Oil Fractionated, Cyclomethicone DC344, Phenyl, D Panthenol, Isopropyl Myristate, Lexol 865 - MCT Oil, Liponate NPGC-2, Parsol 1789, Perfume, Soya Bean, Trimethicone DC 556, Sunflower Extract, Talc Powder, DL-a Tocopherol Acetate


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