Sunscreen SPF50
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This true SPF50 Sunscreen is water resistant and, for most people, only requires one application per day. This is because it is plant based and not water / emulsion based like other sunscreens. SPF50 means 50 times your normal burn time. If you have a 10 minute burn time this sunscreen will give you 500 minutes or 8 hours in the sun.  This sunscreen is ideal for children of all ages, as not only is for most cases a once-per- day application, it also does not sting the eyes and is even great sun protection for tattoos!


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The flagship of our OTC cosmetic skincare products is our sunscreen which is scientifically proven with an SPF of 50+, and one application lasts all day (at least eight hours) in the most extreme of conditions giving both excellent barrier and skin conditioning qualities.  The sunscreen does not erode off the skin nor does it sting your eyes, being totally suitable for top level athletes, marathon, triathletes, endurance sailors and other high performance sports. In addition to this products sun protection efficiency, owing to its plant oil water free base, it leaves absolutely no residues (including nano-particles) to contaminate the environment,  making it coral reef friendly.  And for those that prefer swimming pools there are no residues to clog the pools filtration systems!

  • Skin Friendly
  • Non-Allergenic (View Test Results)
  • Non-greasy
  • Preservative Free
  • Does not sting the eyes
  • A little goes a long way - this is not a "Slip-Slop-Slap" product

How Does it Work:

Our skin is waterproof, so unlike traditional emulsion (water) based sunscreens that are painted onto the surface of the skin, our plant-oil based sunscreen works by being absorbed into the first two layers of the skin thereby making our sunscreen not only water-proof but also environmentally friendly and in doing so giving it it’s true SPF50 status. View Medical Testimonials

Therapeutic Ingredients

Acetulan, Fractionated Coconut - Aloe, Coco Caprylate, Coconut Oil, D Panthenol, Isopropyl Myristate, Octyl salicylate, Parsol 1789, Parsol MCX, Perfume, Soya Bean, Sunflower Extract, DL-a Tocopherol Acetate

2 reviews for Sunscreen SPF50

  1. Nick

    Product lasted the whole day.

  2. Anonymous

    Love the convenience of the small size as they fitted in my pocket while on the snow. Lasted all day with only one application. Thank you

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