Shield, Nourish and Protect your skin in one single application

One Application

100% Natural Ingredients

Eco Friendly

Made in Snells Beach, NZ

Exclusive to One24 – our skin friendly technology will enhance the quality and durability of your skin like never before. Born in NZ’s uniquely harsh environment, our products have been engineered for over three decades to shield, nourish and protect one of your most critical personal assets in one single application. 

Abzorba Technology

One24’s ABZORBA TECHNOLOGY is an unrivalled innovation which uses vitamins and plant oil extracts that are absorbed directly into the outer two layers of the skin. By keeping the skin soft and pliable the inherent sterility of the product aides and accelerates the body’s natural healing and repair processes and minimalises scarring.

Unlike traditional emulsion (water) based products, which are painted onto the surface of the skin, One24 leaves no residue to be either washed or wiped off. This means that our products – uniquely we believe – need only be applied once-per-day.

The raw materials and formulations used in every One24 product comply with all global regulatory authorities (CTFA approved). View Medical & Scientific Testimonials

All Abzorba products are Eco-Friendly.  Our products contain no nano particles, making them coral reef friendly and are completely water free.

Our Products

Skincare technology taken to the next level. Leading edge Personal, Medical and Animal solutions to enhance the quality and durability of your skin like never before.

Our products take Eco-Friendly to the next level. They are 100% water free, leave absolutely no residues, are nano-particle free and are made only from natural plant based ingredients. View the Allgergy Test Results.