One24 Muscle and Joint Balms – Three Muscle and Joint Balms to Cover a Large Range of Muscle and Joint Discomforts.

FutecNZ Limited trading as One24 has this year released three Muscle and Joint Balms to cover most muscle and joint pains.  As FutecNZ/One24’s Muscle and Joint Balms are plant oil-based they will be absorbed by the skin and go straight to the source of the pain.

Our three Muscle and Joint Balms vary in intensity to provide relief for a wide variety of discomfort.  If you use a balm that proves to be too hot it can be cooled by applying one of our moisturisers.

Here are the three products:

  • Muscle and Joint Pain Balm – ideal for those who suffer from sore hands and wrists (minor joints) caused from the constant use of keyboards or holding a steering wheel.
  • Stressed Muscle Balm – ideal or those who suffer from reoccurring sore backs, and major joint pain such as sore knees and the surrounding area owing to cartilage, ligament muscle and tendon issues.
  • Sprain Pain Relief Balm – helps to reduce the pain and swelling caused from sprained ligaments in all joints, sore backs, and other muscle injuries. If all else fails and you are in a lot of muscle or joint pain, then this is the product for you.

Warning these products are red for a reason.  You should thoroughly wash your hands and not rub your eyes or other sensitive parts of the body after using this product.  For added protection we recommend rubbing one of our moisturisers into your hands after use to reduce any potential issues from rubbing your eyes.

For information on our full product range Please visit our website at

One24’s Muscle and Joint Balms are three more of our environmentally friendly 100% water-free plant oil-based products.  Plant Oil-based products (unlike water-based products) are absorbed into the first two layers of the skin – which means that they actually do work!