One24 Diabetic Wound Healer – A Specialised Treatment for Diabetic Skin Conditions

FutecNZ Limited trading as One24 has the ideal treatment for hard to heal diabetic ulcers, wounds, pressure sores and other difficult to heal skin and dermal tissue conditions. 

One24’s Diabetic Wound Healer neutralises the PH levels of the diabetes condition at the wound or infection site while simultaneously promoting the body’s natural healing process.  This makes it the ideal treatment for:

  • Reducing pain and infection at the wound site
  • Reducing discomfort from diabetic ulcers and pressure sores
  • Significantly reducing healing time
  • Results in reduced scaring

And that’s not all it’s good for, because our Diabetic Wound Healer will also help to relieve the irritation caused by:

  • Dermal skin tissue conditions
  • Insect bites
  • Skin allergies and rashes

How? Because One24’s Diabetic Wound Healer contains natural PH neutralising ingredients plus a natural anaesthetic which provides relief to both pain and irritations. 

Our Diabetic Wound Healer’s occlusive action seals off air from the wound thereby both sterilising and neutralising the PH levels of the infected area against further infections and promoting a healthy repair and healing process.

One24 Diabetic Wound Healer works on all degrees of infection. 

This product is a specialised diabetic healer for all diabetic skin conditions – especially ulcers and pressure sores.  For serious infections, apply twice daily for the first three days and then daily to both help the healing process and reduce scarring.

For more information on our Diabetic Wound healer please read the testimonial from top North American Plastic Surgeon, Dr Roger Grossenbacher, by clicking on this link

Our Diabetic Wound Healer typifies our base product’s delivery system in that it facilitates specific treatments in localised areas of the body.

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One24’s Diabetic Wound Healer is another of our environmentally friendly 100% water-free plant oil-based products.  Plant Oil-based products (unlike water-based products) are absorbed into the first two layers of the skin – which means that they actually do work!

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