They’re not all going to protect you and the environment

Our One24 sunscreen is one of the good guys. How do we know that? Because it is plant oil-based and 100% water-free.

What does 100% water-free mean?

  1. Human skin is waterproof, which means that water-based (emulsion) sunscreen products cannot penetrate it. To be effective they have to be slip-slap-slopped on regularly and in large quantities; in fact, most emulsion-based SPF50 sunscreens advise applying the product on a 2-hourly basis – and even more often if you go into water. Because emulsion-based products sit on the surface of our skin, they can be washed, sweated, brushed, or toweled off – and that’s not good for the environment.
  2. Our One24 plant oil-based products are absorbed into the first two layers of our skin, so they can’t be washed, sweated, brushed, or toweled off, which means there are no residues (nanoparticles) to pollute the environment, kill coral reefs or block the filtration systems of your swimming or spa pool.  The plant oil-base also gives our sunscreen its once-per-day application status for most people.  This is a true SPF50 sunscreen in that, for most people, it protects for at least 50 times your burn time.  What’s more, our sunscreen need only be applied sparingly as a little goes a long way and that makes it very price competitive when compared with the emulsion-based products.  And it gets even better, because our sunscreen contains ingredients that are non-comedogenic (do not block pores) meaning it is very good for your skin.

Although not all UV filter ingredients used across the industry are bad, issues have been raised because some ingredients do not fully dissolve in the emulsion based manufacturing processes, thereby leaving undissolved nanoparticles to pollute the environment.  With One24’s  sunscreen products, we only use ingredients that will fully dissolve during our manufacturing processes – and that means no residues to contaminate the environment.