Our Story

Where it all began…

Driven by parental concern, Graeme, a ‘blue water’ yachtie himself, felt compelled to develop a sunscreen solution that would provide his fair skinned children with long-lasting protection from the harsh New Zealand sun. The brief he gave himself was to come up with a once-per-day application type gel suitable for an outdoor coastal environment that, unlike other sunscreens, would not wash off in the sea nor erode off with physical activity. That was back in the early 1980’s.

The result was a new anhydrous skincare technology – christened “Abzorba Technology” – a fundamental paradigm shift from emulsion-based skincare products.

Graeme’s anhydrous sunscreen product was initially distributed to the local surfing and yachting community, a litmus test it passed with flying colours. Everyone including Olympic gold medalists, were highly impressed with both Abzorba’s excellent sun-protection effectiveness and, almost as importantly, how easy it was to use and spread.  Just one single application provided sufficient protection for a full day’s surfing or yachting in the sun and sea.  Before long Graeme was selling his anhydrous sunscreen and moisturiser to the local community and beyond.

Further development and trials led to Graeme winning a KPMG Business Award in the late 1980’s.

Word of Graeme’s breakthrough Abzorba sunscreen technology spread beyond New Zealand, and everything changed. In 1998 he was invited by a Canadian Businessman to a meeting in France which involved visiting several pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. From there, Graeme was taken to Montreal Canada where a six week visit turned into a thirteen year stay and the creation of Dermatol Inc, the North American vehicle for fine-tuning the ever developing “Abzorba Technology.”

Graeme’s Abzorba would prove to be far more than just a leading edge sunscreen technology.  The work he’d put into the product’s development has made it available for other possible applications. While selling Abzorba products through the cosmetic skincare route, users started reporting unexpected healing benefits, so Graeme decided to have his technology trialed and anecdotally tested for medical purposes.  The resultant testimonials were extremely favourable.

Once back home, Graeme decided it was time to bring Abzorba technology into the mainstream. In December 2012 he formed FUTECNZ™ Limited. He teamed up with a long-term contact friend to set up a marketing and distribution network as a retail arm for selling the Abzorba product.


How much do I need to apply?

Apply sparingly. A little does go a long way.

What are the benefits of Abzorba?

Some of the product benefits are:

  • Penetrates to epidermal and dermal levels
  • Totally water proof
  • Sterile by nature
  • Anhydrous (no preservatives, surfactants or emulsifiers)
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Rapid soothing, aids healing of wounds and burns
  • Excellent skin conditioning qualities
  • Easy to apply over all sorts of skin conditions
  • Not prone to eroding off the skin
  • Excellent barrier qualities
  • Nontoxic, edible, does not accumulate in tissues.
Has there been any allergic reactions to your products?

No. Thousands of products have been trialled and not a single complaint nor allergic reaction reported. (View Test Results)

Can I get a larger size of your products

We offer 50g containers onlline, however if you would like to contact us, we would be happy to discuss your needs.

Can your medical products eliminate infection?

Yes. Abzorba penetrates to epidermal and dermal levels. Our medical products are sterile by nature, anti-viral, anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Some products have been trialed and scientifically tested and proven. 


Do your products have an expiry date?

No. One of the advantages of the Abzorba technology is the indefinite shelf life.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, our online shop is setup for most international destinations.

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